Virtual Reality

We develop powerful product presentations and immersive experiences. This helps increase the quality of successful communications and the evaluation of your ideas with clients and peers.


• Testing
• Training
• Sales

Virtual reality is a powerful tool where scale and immersion matter.

In Product Design, prototypes are used as an effective method of communicating the functionality and progress of your design concept, to technical as well as non-technical audiences.
Your ideas will be brought into a simulated world and tested for viability and quality.

VR is not limited to only represent virtual objects but can be utilised to communicate emotions and has superior applications compared to older media.


• Architecture
• Archaeology
• Cultural heritage and works of art
• Flight
• Marine
• Media
• Military

• Medical procedures
• Disaster preparedness

Engineering, technology, and processes
Digital product development life cycle
Products and equipment usability

On average 94%* of the information processed by the human brain is derived from sight and hearing.

Technologies has become so advanced processing and accurately presenting Data trough Visual and Audio Information (as well as others) that it is possible to hijack the Human sensory experience and replace it with digital generated content.

*Telling Ain't Training, Chapter Three, The Human Learner, pages 19-22 by Dr. Harold D. Stolovitch and Dr. Eric J Keeps and Brain Rules, Chapter 10, Vision Trumps All Other Senses by Dr. Jon Medina, pages 221-231
Virtual Reality boat Jaeger 2009

VR Simulation

immersion + real scale
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cuddy cabin Jaeger 2009
From the Automotive Industry in Germany
to Virtual Reality in New Zealand.
Victor Romero
Generating new opportunities with Virtual Reality with soft- and hardware solutions.
Pushing the envelope in a responsible way and giving back to make this world a better place.
Mauer AG CAVE 3D projection
We Started our first VR venture 10 years ago and created VR environment for the Rollercoaster manufacturer Maurer AG, using five side 3D projection CAVE facility at the university of Dresden.