Product Development

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Product Design Solutions

We work with you to provide flexible solutions. You will be supported in all or just sections of your products development cycles. Starting from generation of ideas to engineering the solutions and to the final product series.
Profit from years of experience in the automotive industry and A-Class surface quality.


• Product design
• Rapid prototyping / 3D printing
• Reverse engineering
• Quality control / inspection
• Works of art / design


• Architecture
• Flight
• Marine
• Media
• Military
• Medial
• Equipment and tools
• Engineering, technology, and processes
Digital product development

Traditionally physical prototypes provide designer and engineers the opportunity to determine if a concept is technically feasible, evaluate and optimize performance, form and fit.
But now Virtual prototypes  can be utilized for these tasks as well to understand interfaces between subsystems and identify potential assembly and manufacturing issues without committing large resources or costs.
VR excels where scale and immersion matter.

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economic & logic




VR Gladius

3D View

Reflection Plastic example
A-Class Surfaces
Automotive surface quality and reflections
Reference 3D Models and Scans are used to create Automotive industry standard surfaces.
Digital 3d scan model
Voxel Modelling
before surface optimisation
Using physical references or from your ideas we quickly create a virtual representation as a talking point for further refinement.
File grip physical prototype
Mockup Prototype
physical representation of an objects
A custom ergonomic grip or a scale model representation.
Anything can be the starting Idea.
3D scan protype
3D Scan
digitising physical objects
Using a 3D scanner we bring your physical objects into the digital world with up to 0.06mm accuracy. The scale and features can easily be modified.
Digital 3d model file grip
Digital Prototype
after optimisation
This 3D model is a fast concept model that can be 3D printed and viewed as a first Prototype or space model.
Further work is need to use it for constitution and optimised VR applications.
Physical Prototype file grip
Physical Prototype
CNC and 3D print
Depending on the applications the Digital objects will get machined into a physical prototype or small series to test production feasibility.
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ergonomic grip for HTC VIVE
Product Design
VR Gladius
Ergonomic grip for the HTC Vive that improves and expands the controllers usability
Auckland harbour Daniel Jaeger
Flexible and Logic
goal orientated
What sets us apart from others is that we work
with you not for you. We excel with new challenges and adapt to your needs and projects.
Fern New Zealand Ecologic Daniel Jaeger
Economic & Ecologic
our values
Sustainable resource management and humane work conditions are essential for the future of the environment of our planet.
variation of flavours Daniel Jaeger
Our Goals
your values
Our goals are to capture your values and reflect them in our work. We understand that every client has unique motivations. Together we can expand your possibilities.